Wollongong is south of Sydney, a drive that’s about 80km. I don’t think this is a typical stop that many tourists make, and I wouldn’t advise it to anyone unless you’ve got a lot of time to kill – which I did, during my almost month long stay in Sydney.

So what is in Wollongong? What I saw was a temple and a beach. You don’t really think of temples in the same train of thought as Australia, but this one was the biggest in Southern Australia. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t that great of a sight .. but the food they served is a whole different story.

Lunch was an assembly of vegetarian dishes and herbal tea. The flavour and spice in the dishes was incredible. If my mouth hadn’t been on fire, I easily could have eaten seconds.


After the temple, I finally got my first taste of Australian beaches! I thought Wollongong was pretty impressive, but my cousin who was my host in Australia, told me that “This beach is nothing. Wait until we go to Bondi.” Well, a ‘nothing’ beach in Australia sure beats what we have around in Toronto.


All in all, a fine way to spend half a day, but I wouldn’t sacrifice any of the main tourist attractions in Sydney for this…unless of course you’re going to eat lunch at the temple. 🙂


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