Sydney Fish Market

The Sydney Fish Market will always have a special place in my heart. It was the first place I went to getting off the plane at Kingsford Smith, and therefore my very first stop outside of North America. That and the seafood was fantastic.

The Sydney Fish Market is a huge complex of vendors selling cooked and raw seafood. You can sit outside and watch the boats sail in with the day’s fresh catches.


I went a little bit crazy… there’s salmon sashimi, a platter, oysters, and something in a shell baked in cheese. Baked in cheese is all I needed to hear! Everything was delicious and just what I needed after the 24 hour journey.


You don’t need to spend much time here. I walked around looking at the different vendors and simply chose the food I wanted to eat based on the longest lineups. I’ve since had fresh seafood on the Azores islands, on the Dalmatian coast .. and I can honestly say nothing has beat the Sydney Fish Market yet!

Saying goodbye to my new friend Peter:



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